Carolina Family Alliance, Inc. takes pride in hiring the most qualified for Professionals to work with our clients. All of our employees complete an orientation so that they are aware of our expectations and become familiar with our policies. Employees, also, participate in and complete extensive training related to the specific services that they will be providing and the population that they will be serving.

Sabrina Mack, MSW/QP

Executive Director

Ms. Mack has over 20 years of experience working in the Mental Health and Human Services field. She has worked with both youth and adults in a multiple settings.

Ms. Mack understands the importance of creating alliances with the community and those that she works with so that the people we serve are able to develop the necessary skills, and have the resources to live their best lives without being overshadowed by ‘a diagnosis’.

Ms. Mack is a State appointed Guardian Ad Litem and was awarded a State Governor’s citation for her commitment and work with youth and families at risk.

Tyrome N. Davis, MBA, BA, QP

Operations Director

Mr. Davis has over 10 years of experience working in the Mental Health and Educational fields. In addition to his clinical expertise, Mr. Davis has a vast amount of experience in Project Management, Human Resource, Marketing, Fiscal Management, accessing government benefits, Compliance and Regulation of State and Local Government/Policy and Procedures and working collaboratively with multiple community agencies within the Carolinas.

Mr. Davis serves as a driving force within the agency providing clear oversight and direction regarding implementation and maintenance of growth opportunities, community collaborations and fiscal solvency.

Shawanda Coble

Shawanda Coble is a dedicated Quality Assurance & Quality Improvement Director with a passion for maintaining the highest standards of care. Collaborating closely with clinical and administrative teams, she oversees the development and implementation of quality standards, conducts meticulous audits, and ensures compliance with regulatory standards. Shawanda’s expertise significantly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of mental health programs, prioritizing the well-being and satisfaction of clients. Her diverse certifications in areas such as Communicating Across Cultural Differences, Clinical Family Planning, and Infant and Toddler Behavioral Issues & Mental Health showcase her commitment to addressing various facets of mental health. Shawanda’s proficiency in Life Skills Progression, Anger Control Made Easy, and Counseling Adolescents about Sexual Coercion & Abuse underscores her dedication to fostering emotional intelligence. Certified in crisis intervention and support, she contributes actively to community-based education and intervention programs, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of lifelong impacts in the realm of mental health and social services.

Ms. Holley

Ms. Holley has more than 12 years of experience working in Mental Health and Human Services. Ms. Holley has worked with children, adolescents, and adults in a variety of settings, ranging from group homes to foster care. Ms. Holley also has experience with medical records, residential care, and child and family development. Ms. Holley is presently enrolling at Grand Canyon University to pursue a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has already earned her MBA from Webster University. Ms. Holley holds a certification in Child Protective Services. Ms. Holley is the Site Director of Family Alliance Network in Houston, Texas, and she is passionate about helping her clients reach both their professional and personal goals while also improving their overall quality of life.

Darrin Blackwell, AS/PP, CAMF

Administrator | NC Notary Public

Mr. Blackwell has 18 years of experience working with Adults. His expertise include working with the following target populations: Dual Diagnosis, Substance Abuse, and Co-Occuring Disorders. Mr. Blackwell is a certified Anger Management Trainer and Facilitator. And, he is currently pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Human Services.

Mr. Blackwell has been trained by a State of NC trainer and facilitates several agency’s In-House training; and has been sought out to facilitate training for several agencies and churches throughout the Carolinas.

Professional Affiliations

National Association of Social Workers
Case Management Society of America
National Alliance on Mental Illness
NC Council of Community Programs
National Anger Management Association
Addiction Professionals of North Carolina

Yes, Carolina Family Alliance, Inc. is hiring!

Do you have 2 years of verifiable post graduate experience working in a clinical setting and/or with Mental Health clients Do you have strong clinical ability and aptitude, inclusive of clinical writing skills?

Do you meet State of NC Qualified or Associate Professional competency requirements?

Are you able to work in a fast paced environment with a diverse population?

Do you have additional skills (i.e. Spanish Speaking, ASL Proficiency, etc.) that would benefit the agency and the population served?

Then we are interested in speaking with you.

Please, forward your contact information and a copy of your most current resume to us.

We look forward to hearing from you!